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About US

   Anhui Prius Electrotechnical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wire and cable equipment manufacturer engaged in research and development, production and sale for the LV/MV, special cable and various cables and wires extrusion equipment. The main products: various LV/MV power cables extrusion production lines; warm crosslinking, silane crosslinking extrusion production line; 6-35KV dry curing extrusion production line; silicone rubber extrusion production line and high-temperature fluorine plastic, BTTW and a variety of special cable extrusion production lines. The company has two registered trademarks as “Anhui Prius” and “Anhui Plastic Machinery”. Strictly following the purpose “Quality builds brand and service creates future”, our products flowed to lots of large and medium-sized cable and wire manufacturing enterprises in most provinces all over China, at the meantime, we focus on developing the international market, a...